Who is Project Piano for?


Project Piano is for pretty much anyone and everyone with an interest in either learning to play  the piano (or keyboard) from scratch or who want to improve their existing skills.

Sometimes people ask what age their child should start to learn the piano. We would recommend that eight years old is often a useful age to start, although  this is only a guideline. Some children can gain great benefit from learning the piano at a much earlier age – we even had someone enquiring about lessons for their unborn child recently! (That might have taken some doing – we suggested they at least wait till the child was out in the world!)

And if you’re not quite in the first flush of youth, don’t worry – it’s not too late to enjoy playing the piano – we’ve had students start with us in their middle age and beyond!

Project Piano teacher, Peter Auker, has 40 years’ experience and has taught students of all ages and abilities, from complete beginners to above Grade 8. In fact, he’s taught hundreds of students over the years and they’ve achieved 100% pass rate in their music exams!

Start YOUR Project Piano journey today!

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