Policy for Hadrian Academy students


1. Piano or electronic keyboard tuition is offered at the rate of £12.50 per 30 minute lesson.
2. Lessons are arranged in blocks of 5, payable in advance.
3. Lessons missed by the students for any reason (including illness) will not be made up or refunded, unless it is a planned absence or holiday – see item 11, below.
4.  Lessons missed by the teacher for any reason WILL be made up or refunded. PLEASE READ THE IMPORTANT NOTE AT THE END OF THESE T’s and C’s.
5. Lessons may be terminated either by the teacher or the student – two lessons notice must be given of termination. This may be waived by the teacher in exceptional circumstances. The teacher reserves the right to terminate a course of lessons without notice. No refunds will be given for unused lessons.
6. Students undertake to practise regularly, and therefore it is assumed they will have unhindered access to a suitable instrument at all appropriate times.
7. Where necessary, music may sometimes be provided by the teacher. All other required music will be supplied by the student at their expense.
8. Lesson notes containing a brief report on progress in each lesson and advice for practising will be emailed to the parent as soon as possible after the lesson – in most cases this will be the following day.
9. The student must inform the teacher of any holidays or planned absences at least one week in advance of their absence. Failure to do this will mean the full lesson fee will be payable.
10. Students who breach these terms and conditions are liable to have their course of lessons terminated without notice and without refund.
NB: There will be some periods during the school year when I am away on examining duties for Trinity College London, or doing research / teaching in the music department at Nottingham University. Some of these commitments involve working abroad and can be up to three weeks in duration, and some trips are at short notice. I will keep Hadrian Academy informed of when these are likely to be, and will also keep you, the parent, informed by email or text. Despite the occasional interruption to lessons this entails, my experience is that most students value a little extra time to brush up on their practising, and also find it useful to have a teacher who is also an examiner!