The Vision


“I love playing Disney songs. They’re ‘easy piano’ arrangements but Peter helps me to make them sound really good and my sister loves to join in and sing!”


Go back in time 75 – 100 years or so, and you would find no TV, computers, i-Pads or smartphones, and yet music was a huge part of people’s lives, much as it is today. And do you know what? There were basically only two methods of enjoying music – go to a live concert or make it yourself!

Central to the musical experience of ordinary people like you and me was the piano. Most homes had one, and there were literally hundreds of piano factories to meet the demand.

We all love our technology, which has opened up whole new worlds of music that our ancestors couldn’t even dream of, and of course we wouldn’t want to turn our backs on all of that.

But wouldn’t it be brilliant if the piano (or its more contemporary cousin, the electronic keyboard) became as important a fixture in our lives as it was for our forebears?

Peter Auker’s vision for Project Piano is to help people rediscover the joy of making their own music, not as a substitute for recorded music but as an addition to it. The piano (or keyboard) is absolutely ideal for this, and lots of students have found that it is not as difficult as you might think!

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