Conventional piano lessons


A tried and tested approach

The traditional approach to piano lessons goes like this: the student and teacher decide on a mutually convenient time for a weekly 30 minute lesson (or longer) and meet at the appointed time at the teacher’s studio. The teacher plans a programme of lessons and techniques are taught, music is learnt and played, whilst the teacher listens, advises and demonstrates. After the lesson, the student has a week to go home and work on the material he or she will need for the next lesson. Over time, and with regular practice, the student makes progress. Sometimes this progress is measured by entering exams such as the ABRSM, Trinity College London or London College of Music Grade exams. Sometimes the progress is measured in other, less formal, ways.

Of course, this is the tried and tested method of delivering and receiving piano tuition and it works very well for the majority of students. 

The teaching room is in Luton, Bedfordshire (if you want to Google the location, the postcode is LU4 9LN), and Peter has had students from various locations within about a 15 mile radius (which includes part of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire). However, the vast majority of students reside in Luton itself. Unfortunately at this time, we cannot offer to travel to your home to give lessons (there are some teachers that are prepared to do that, and a quick search on Google will probably find you one).

Project Piano lessons are highly customised to individual students. After a thorough grounding in the basics, you will be free to pursue the type of music you are interested in, be it classical, jazz, rock, pop, musical theatre/Disney, etc etc! The musical world is your oyster. Where appropriate, we can go down the exam route as a way of keeping track of your progress, and Peter will advise on the exam board and grade most suitable for your needs. This may include ABRSM, TCL or LCM exams. Where necessary, Aural Training and basic Theory of Music will be included in the lessons to ensure you’re well-prepared for whatever you want to do musically.

What to do if you cannot attend weekly?

Flexible timetabling can usually be offered, which will allow you to book your lessons at times to suit you. Please note, this has to be put in place at the start of our contract with you – it’s not the same as simply missing lessons, or trying to phone or text at the last moment to postpone a lesson to a future date. Please contact us for further details.

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