Coaching sessions


Coaching sessions are probably most suited to pianists who are of moderate to advanced ability, and we can help you by working with you on specific repertoire. Think of it as your own personal masterclass.

Here’s a typical scenario. You’re a pretty good pianist and you have a concert or audition in two weeks’ time and obviously want to do your best. One of the pieces you’ve chosen seems to be picking a fight with you. This is where an ad hoc coaching session can help, and our diagnostic approach can often find the cause of the difficulty and help you find the best strategy to unblock it. This can be done face-to-face in Luton or London, or by Skype. Please note that consultations in London will be in a central London location (close to the West End), and thus are more expensive than sessions held in Luton or via Skype. Please contact Project Piano for a quotation.

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